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  ICT Code of Conduct

(Staff and Students)


This Code of Conduct (CoC) promotes and encourages exemplary behaviour of our staff, students and affiliates in the workplace. It complements our policies, empowerment and relevant regulations. The CoC outlines the behaviours we expect of all our staff and students. We expect our people to take ownership of their actions, and accept responsibility for any inappropriate or unethical behavior.


The Code of Conduct

  • Obey the laws and regulations of the University.
  • Maintain honesty, Integrity, Fairness and High Performance in all activities. (i.e. doing the right things at the right time).
  • All ICT staff must respect the statutory rights of staff and students.
  • Every staff must not divulge official secrets, mutilate, expunge, conceal, alter or forge official document(s)/receipt(s) or aid/abet others in doing same.
  • Every staff must respect and maintain the hierarchy in administration.
  • Every ICT staff must adhere strictly to the official resumption/closing time
  • Every ICT staff must dress decently and appropriately to work
  • Every staff must exercise self-discipline and restraint at all times and deal politely with staff, students and the general public.
  • All ICT staff must be punctual at his/her place of work and signing of attendance is mandatory. No staff should absent themselves from work except on approval by the relevant authorities
  • No ICT staff should compromise his/her position where his interest conflicts with his duties and responsibilities.
  • All ICT staff should monitor the Non-ICT staff, students coming into the ICT Centre to ensure, their visit is strictly official.
  • Staff and Students should use the facilities of ICT in accordance with the ICT policy, if in doubt, please send an e-mail to customerservice@unn.edu.ng
  • Staff and Students should ensure adequate security of ICT equipment and facilities in their departments and faculties, they are encouraged to report any form of security breach on ICT equipment to the Security Department or e-mail the ICT Director: ictdirector@unn.edu.ng
  • Staff and Students are advised to conduct their businesses as brisk as possible, no loitering around the ICT Centre is allowed
  • Staff and Students should take note that ICT Data Centre and Hardware workshop are strictly for Network and Hardware Teams only.
  • Unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, assault or slander of any sort is highly prohibited in ICT Centre
  • Staff and Students should not use the ICT facilities to view or download offensive materials as well as hate or political speeches.
  • Staff and Students should not use the ICT facilities to promote and propagate their religious beliefs and activities
  • Staff and Students are advised to get the digitized ID-Card and an authentic UNN e-mail address. If in doubt on how to get one, send an e-mail to customerservice@unn.edu.ng or visit our website and download how-to-dos at unn.edu.ng/howtodos/
  • Staff and Students are also encouraged to create a blog site for themselves. Consult your ICT faculty representative or visit our website and download how-to-do’s unn.edu.ng/howtodos/
  • Staff and Students should respect others and not unduly inconvenience other people, through excessive use of ICT facilities

Adherence to this CoC is crucial and any violation should be reported to ICT Unit Management


Director of ICT

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

18 September 2018