Director’s Statement

The ICT Unit of the University is generally charged with the responsibilities of deploying ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research and learning to the University at large.


The Information & Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) goals are to:

Enable the University to invest in and use IT strategically;

Direct IT resources to highest and best purposes in support of University of Nigeria’s mission; and to Elevate the level of IT service excellence. 

Brief History


We aspire to build an organization that focuses on People, Process and Technology evidenced by Committed and skilled staff accountable to University of Nigeria’s mission; and serving faculty and students;
Simple processes making it easy for staff and students to work, and deliver results; and Innovative technology to enhance teaching and learning in University of Nigeria


To assure University of Nigeria leadership in IT, we deliver academic excellence through innovative technology and we strive to make it easier for faculty, students, and staff to teach, research, learn, and work through the effective use of information technology.


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