The Information and Communication Technology Centre UNEC, was formed out of the necessity to provide Information Technology services primarily to staff and students of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus and then to the public in general. In March 2006, the Staff ICT Capacity Building Programme (SICTCBP) was introduced at the Nsukka campus of the University. On Monday, 14th August 2006, the program was inaugurated by the then Vice Chancellor of UNN, Prof Chinedu Nebo. The goal of the program was to ensure that all UNN staff and students where ICT compliant.

After several meetings in November 2006, the UNN Staff ICTCBP Coordinator, Mrs Ifeyinwa Onugha, conducted a one week train-the-trainers program for nominee instructors for the proposed program in Enugu Campus in December, 2006. Subsequently, the Special Assistant to the then Vice Chancellor, Rev. Mba Chukwu labored to ensure the renovation of part of the Ransom Kuti Refectory as the ICT Centre for UNEC. The center was furnished with computers, and multimedia facilities, the then Deputy Vice Chancellor UNEC, Prof Rich Umeh, graciously approved the purchase of a power generating plant which was procured and installed.

Late Arc. Ikechukwu Ifeanacho of the Department of Architecture was appointed the Coordinator for the UNEC ICT Capacity Building programme on February 22, 2007, and then as ICT Coordinator of UNEC on 17th December 2007. Both appointments were given by the then Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Professor Chinedu Nebo.

The Second staff of the Centre was Mrs Nwanneka Ghasi who was appointed as HEO in 2008.

In March 2008, the Prometric Centre was established. Mrs Nkechi Nkwonta was posted from Registry Department to function as the Test Centre Administrator. In 2008 also Mr Seun Ojedeji joined the ICT Unit UNEC as a Systems Analyst and handled most technical issues on campus, Mrs Nma Odoemenam was also transferred from IDS to ICT UNEC in May 2008 to handle all clerical work. Later in the year, Mrs Joy Onyia was posted to the center. Rev Mbah Chukwu was later posted to the Centre and assumed office as the highest Admin Officer of the Centre.

Further to Late Arc. Ikechukwu Ifeanacho’s and Mr Seun Oyedeji’s appointment at Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Arc. Ikechukwu Ifeanacho handed over to Rev. Mbah Chukwu on 29th November, 2011 who assumed office as the Coordinator ICT, UNEC.

Due to the University Policy on Administrative Staff, Rev. Mbah Chukwu was transferred to the Works Services Department On June 2012. He handed over to Engr. Mbakamma E.S in the presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor UNEC and the Principal Executive Officer, Nkechi Nkwota and some other members of the DVC’s office. With the approval of the Director ICT, Ms Christina Oriola and the then Vice Chancellor, Prof B. Okolo, Engr Mbakamma E.S  was transferred to UNEC ICT, from ICT Unit, Nsukka Campus to oversee activities of the ICT Unit, he assumed duty on June, 2012. More technical and administrative staff has since then joined the ICT Unit, UNEC.

During the Meeting with the Director ICT, Dr Olisa Okeke on 3rd July, 2015, the Director reassigned lead roles to UNEC ICT Staff as seen below.


1 Mrs Nweke Ngozichukwu PEO Secretary
2 Engr. Mbakamma E.S Senior Network Engineer Project Team Lead
3 Mr. Chima Iloh Network Engineer II Network Lead
4 Mr Andrew Esege Lecturer I Software Lead
5 Mrs Omezikam Ugwa Operations manager Training Lead
6 Mr Arinze Obi Network Engineer II Innovation lead
7 Mr Megafu Uche System Analyst II Hardware Lead
8 Eloka Uzowulu System Analyst II (UNN Organogram & UNN Plan on Page)